Hello Parents,

We are now in the fifth week, so far the kids have had a great time in their various learning within and outside their classrooms.

Club Activities:

Club activities had begun. Sign up your child into the club of your child’s interest at the front desk office.

Continuous Assessment:

The Continuous Assessment for pupils in Reception Mickey – Year 5 classes will commence from Monday 12th – Friday 16th February 2018. Do well to ensure that your kids go over their books/worksheets as they come home with them for reading. Remember, early preparation prevents poor performance. Please, only pupils whose fees have been fully paid will be allowed into school during this week.

Friendship Day:

It is the month and season to celebrate the gift of friendship again. The kids will be celebrating the Friendship Day in a beautiful style this time around.

Names of their classmates will be written and picked at random for exchange of cards and gifts.

We are so sorry, we will not be inviting parents to our usual class presentations because the Friendship day falls in the week of the continuous assessments. Parents will be allowed into classrooms on Friday, 9th February 2018 to acknowledge names picked by their wards. The cards and gifts should be sent in on Wednesday morning 14th February, 2018. Please parents, put a smile on a child’s face in this month of friendship for this will bring lasting memories.

Kids are to be dressed on Red T.shirts on comfortable jeans and shoes to school.

School Council Meeting:

The Lent Term School Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th February, 2018 by 1:00pm. It will be a very short meeting with a short agenda. Do avail yourselves of the opportunity of taking decisions that bother on your kids.

Open Day:

Wednesday 21st of February, 2018 is the Open Day for this term. Parents will be coming into their child(ren)’s classes to partake in the teaching and learning activities from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Parents will be given the opportunity to learn, teach, ask and answer questions in class as they watch their kids experience in class. It is usually an awesome experience having you learn and take part in the day’s activities alongside your kids.



Mid Term Break:

Pupils will be proceeding for the mid term break on Thursday 22nd February and Friday, 23rd February 2018 to resume for the other half of the term on the 26th of February, 2018.

Please take time out to go over your children’s assessment sheets to enable us all address their lapses soon enough.

Do mark these dates as they are very important.

  • Open Day – 21st February, 2018 (Parents should remember to pick up suitable time slots in their kid’s classes on Monday, 19thFebruary, 2018)
  • School Council Meeting – 20th February 2018 at 1pm prompt
  • Mid Term Break – 22nd & 23rd  February 2018


Have a beautiful day!


Mary Ibia

Director of Studies

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