2018/2019 Trinity Term Academic session.

Dear Parents,

We are very delighted to have you back for the Trinity Term which is the last lap of the 2018/2019 academic session. As one big family, we give all thanks to God for his benevolence and protection as always. The kids had resumed, looking well-rested and ready to put in their best in their learning so as to achieve better results at the end of the term and as teachers, we will double up efforts in ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

The term which will run from now till July is filled with different learning activities and events cutting across the Early Years Foundation Stage to the Key Stage. We will communicate to you in due course and we hope that parents will continue to be engaged in the children’s learning as well as encourage them to harness their potential as we all know that it is the last lap that tells it all!

  • Coloured Hair: We will like to reiterate that coloured attachment/extensions on the hair (i.e the girls) is not acceptable in this school as this may cause distraction to children in the classroom. The acceptable colours as agreed in one of the school council meetings are black and dark brown which are natural colours. Please, we are appealing to parents to do away with any other colour irrespective of the reason for the usage.
  • Seasonal Ailments: The rainy season is around the corner with contagious illnesses such as mumps, (swellings around the jaw), chicken pox, measles, conjunctivitis etc. For us to curb the spread of any of these ailments, we will appreciate if parents can be more observant and keep any child with any of these symptoms away from school. During this period of the rains, we ask that raincoats, rain boots & umbrellas be given to them to keep them dry.
  • Incomplete Homework: We noticed in last term that some kids developed nonchalant attitude in carrying out their homework activities, giving inexcusable reasons. Homeworks are part of a child’s cumulative average and when serious attention is not paid to it, it leads to a decline in the child’s score/grade. We will like to use this medium to let parents know that any child who refuses to do and complete any homework activity will be sent to the Director of Studies or the Head of School for proper disciplinary measures.
  • Uniforms: The school frowns at improper uniforms being worn by kids to school. In the case of any replacement, we advise that early bookings be made at the front desk to get a new one. Once again, our uniforms are to be worn thus: *Mondays and Thursdays – blue shirt, *Tuesdays – Yellow shirt, *Wednesdays – red t-shirt and Fridays – white t-shirt (i.e sports wear). We only encourage a pair of white socks and a pair of black shoe with the school uniform.
  • Science Fair: Our annual Science Fair will be taking place this term. Kindly do well to assist the kids in any area of their needs as will be brought to your notice by the STEM coordinator. The date will be made known to you in our subsequent letters.
  • Conference Meeting: A sensitization conference meeting with the parents of Year 4 and Year 5 kids will be held on Thursday the 16th of May, 2019 at 11:00 am in the school hall. We implore concerned parents to make out time to attend as relevant information that borders on child development after here and others will be discussed to help in our decision making.
  • Children’s Day: The children’s day for this year is coming on a Monday. To enable the kids have fun, there will be minimal learning. Kids will be expected to come to school dressed on comfortable outfits with things to share with their friends. As a school, we intend to celebrate the day with the orphans at Bateba Street with selected kids from Year 1 – Year 5. Usable items like clothings, toys, books as well as consumables(toiletries, soaps, noodles etc) which can be dropped at the front desk on or before the 23rd of May 2019 will be highly appreciated.

Ms Chioma, our crèche co-ordinator is leaving to further her studies and Ms. Blessing will be taking up her responsibilities. We wish her an enjoyable experience.

Once again, we welcome everyone on board!

P.S Find attached the Trinity Term Academic Calendar

Nkechi Emil-Inyang

Head of School


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