About our School


Head of School's Welcome

We believe that children should be encouraged early on to break into their peer groups in a managed and informal manner. This allows them to develop their full potential in a non-threatening and semi-informal manner. This also provides an opportunity to detect special traits and talents in a child very early and help guide and channel such talents positively.

School activities are fun and stimulating to provide opportunities for socializing, sharing, turn-taking, problem solving and development of self-confidence. We also ensure that the program is flexible and that age-appropriate activities are provided to enable each child to develop to his/her full potential.

Mrs Nkechi Emil-Inyang, Founder/Head of School


The school was founded by Mrs. Nkechi Emil-Inyang in October 2010 when she left her teaching job at Port-Harcourt to join her husband in Calabar. The idea of a school of this nature was conceived many years ago when she held back tears as she watched her young son struggle with his dad every evening in an attempt to make him read in reception class.

She packed up her Geology degree and job with Fugro Surveys Nig. and got enrolled to get a degree in education, volunteered and worked in several schools and nursed the knowledge of a school where children will be happy, safe and get an education without fears.

Kids N’ Us started as a crèche in October 2010 with 3 children in Kadana street in state housing unit Calabar.

The homely feel of the center attracted so many working mothers to drop their babies for the day and be picked up in the evening. Eventually the first academic session commenced with 18 children spread across the Early Years foundation stage. After two years at Kadana, there was need to move and hence an Early Years and Key Stage School was built at Ediba Road, Calabar.

Why We Stand Out

To recognize each child as an individual. We aim to provide a quality learning experience in all aspects of school life to enable the child be happy, successful and eager to learn.

Our Mission is, in partnership with parents and the community of Kids n’ Us School. To provide a rigorous academic program which encourages high expectations for success through developmentally appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles.

We believe in:

  1. Individual accountability
  2. Having a positive belief in people
  3. Developing Critical Thinking
  4. Constant monitoring of Child’s progress (APP)

The school follows the Nigerian and British curricula which provides a rigorous updated academic program that encourages high expectations for success through developmentally appropriate instructions that allows for individual differences and learning styles. We accept children from ages 1 into the crèche, through age 11, when they leave in year 6 at the end of the Keystage 2.  In our classrooms from Barney up to the Keystage 2, differentiated learning is used, for us “THE AIM MAKES GREAT THE LIFE.”

Kids n’ Us follows the Nigerian and British school calendar upon that of a typical school system. The school year is 12-13 maximum school weeks in length beginning from the 1st week in September and closing the first or second week in July. Significant holiday breaks include Christmas/New Year, Easter and the Nigeria democracy/Independent Day in May/October respectively.