My Dear Parents,

Here we are at the end of yet another school term. All thanks to the Almighty God and you our esteemed parents for your unflinching support to help us achieve all our set goals and objectives, despite it being a very short term.

End of Term Assembly

The Year two (2) kids thrilled us all with an amazing “Puppet Show”. Bringing to life fascinating classic tales as gathered in all aspects of Literacy, Science and Show n’ Tell. They were so excited and asked for more just as they would ask for more cartoon T.V time – Kids will always be kids. Thanks to the D.T. team led by Ms. Loveth for that hilarious, entertaining yet educative piece. The Year two (2) teachers wish to appreciate all their parents for supporting their fun – learning of “Boston Tea Party” in History class.

End of Term Assessment, Results & APP

The End of Term Assessments went on smoothly with kids exhibiting preparedness for the process. Though, we still had few kids who struggled with exam phobia. Thanks once again parents for ensuring kids prepare well and confidently write their assessments. As earlier stated, scripts will be ready for pick up on Wednesday 28th March, 2018, while Results and Assessing Pupils’ Progress (APP) will as usual be sent via mail from Thursday 29th March, 2018. Please, do well to take out time to go over the scripts with your kids to enable them spot out their mistakes and learn to avoid such subsequently.

All Day Fun Sport

It was obviously such a relief for the kids to break from normal class and school activities for a whole day of play and sport at the U.J. Esuene Stadium. Some parents who could space out time, came in with juice and water to watch and cheer the kids as they partook in the various informal events. The kids say a big thank you. We are glad to say there were no accidents, incidents or near misses and hope to have more fun days. The kids were practically carried off the tracks and field when it was time to leave.

Open Day

Our Open Day took place on the 21st of February 2018. It was nice having parents attend and take lessons on different subjects as well as give care, while teachers took the back seat and class assistants took a deep breath.

We hope you had a great experience seeing how a regular school day looks like.



School Council Meeting

The newsletter has been communicated to parents’ mailbox and we look forward to having a full house again come next term. Most of the concerns raised have been looked into as we are putting everything in place to achieve them.

School Uniforms

We are forced to reiterate that a lot of kids come into school on Uniforms not recommended by the school. We have noticed that parents have resorted to making the skirts/trousers/shorts in all sorts/shades of Navy Blue and the kids turn up to school on sloppy/disheveled and worn out fabrics in all shades of Navy Blue.

We have permitted that this term, but will not allow kids who are not dressed in our recommended uniform into school next term.

Please get the appropriate uniforms from the school to forestall any embarrassment it might cause.


Finally, we wish to thank all the staff for their hardwork and care for the children. The school community continues to be one big, strong family.

We say a big thank you to Barr. (Mrs.) Eno Asuquo for always replacing the dispenser with water to drink and for all the cakes and drinks we shared as the kids celebrated their birthdays. Thanks to you our parents for sharing those days with us.

Ms Eka in Reception class has been delivered of a baby boy. We all wish her beautiful motherhood days ahead.

From you for all the fun times and shared learning. From all of us here, Goodbye everyone, I expect to hear great things when we get back on the 23rd of April, 2018.

Have a great Easter Break!




Nkechi Emil-Inyang

Head of School