Hello Parents,

It’s amazing to have you all back for the Trinity Term of the 2017/2018 Academic session. We give thanks to God for the Easter celebration and holidays which were hitch – free and pray for his sustenance all through this term. We believe you all received your kid(s) results, scripts and APP and have taken time to go over to ascertain where they are now and where you will want them to be. Please do not relent in encouraging them every step of the way. As we all look forward to an activity packed term, kindly join us to achieve all our set objectives.

Reminder on Fees:

We sincerely appreciate all parents who have made payments so far and pray that others do the needful to enable us all have a smooth sail.

Communication Diary:

The use of our communication diary is a continuous process. Kindly go through their communication diaries to stay abreast of homework, projects & other requirements that will be sent home in the course of the term.


The issue of proper uniform cannot be overemphasized. Parents are please advised to replace all worn-out uniforms as well as adhere to the uniform colours for the various days. Kids dressed in poorly sewn and wrong colours/fabrics will be sent back. As usual, we expect to see all kids neatly and smartly dressed daily.

Worker’s Day & Children’s Day:

Thursday 1st May is worker’s Day and the school will be observing the public holiday. The kids will be celebrating Children’s Day here in school with presentations from the various classes. Parents are invited to be a part of their day.

Science Fair:

Our annual Science Fair which normally takes place in Lent Term was moved due to how short the Lent term was. It will take place on the 22nd of June 2018 at 10:00am prompt. Kindly encourage and support your kid(s) in their chosen projects as we are leaving no stones unturned at ensuring an awesome event.

Move – Up/Graduation:

The Reception Mickey kids, having undergone all learning and development stages in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFs) will at the end of the term celebrate this feat in our annual Move-up ceremony.



The rains are here almost in earnest with its attendant ailments, kindly observe and keep back any kid who is not strong enough to be in school, to avoid a spread of such condition. You will be asked or called in to pick up your kid if there’s a slight deviation in health.

Reading Culture:

We are trying to build a society of broad minds, by encouraging all our kids to read at least a chapter of a book a day just before bedtime. Please ensure new words are written down and meanings checked. Please get appropriate picture books for younger kids and don’t forget to read along with them.

Other Information:

The booster classes for Year 4 & 5 will commence from the 30th of April, 2018 while all club activities will commence in week 3(i.e 7th May 2018). Sign up your kids for any club of their choice at the front desk.

Notable Dates:

Kindly Mark these dates on your calendar

1st May, 2018                    – Workers Day

27th May, 2018        – Children’s Day

29th May, 2018        – Democracy Day

5th June 2018                   – School Council Meeting

6th June 2018                   – Open Day

22nd June 2018       – Science Fair

20th July 2018        – Move-up & graduation Ceremony/Closing Date

All other events will be communicated as we progress in the term.

We look forward to a great learning experience.



Mary Ibia

Director of Studies


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