Welcome on board! Its 2018/2019 Thanksgiving term Academic session.

Hello Parents,

We are delighted to welcome all our old and new kids back to school as we begin the Thanksgiving Term 2018/2019. We give all glory to God Almighty for keeping us safe throughout the summer break. We also thank our new families for taking a bold decision to settle with us and entrusting their kids into our care. We will always continue to put in our best to ensuring that every child here is given an all round quality education which will be beneficial unto them even into the future, just as stated in our mission statement; “No child is left out.”

The Thanksgiving term which is the beginning of the academic session, comes with lots of learning and extra curricula activities to help shapen and broaden the child’s scope of learning. As a school, we will like to keep our new parents abreast with our culture as well as remind our old parents.

  • Letter of Introduction: Having your child move into a new class is always an exciting experience for both the child and the parent. For a smooth sail, the teachers get to send out introductory letters to enable you have a feel of what your child’s class is like. These letters will be sent on Tuesday, 18th September, 2018. Please, endeavor to read them when they are being received.


  • Coffee Session: The coffee session is a platform where we walk our new parents through our philosophy, mission statement/vision, curriculum and everything about us as a school. It is the best opportunity to help you understand us, as parents are at liberty to ask questions on areas that need clarification or concern. This one-hour session will take place in the school hall on Friday 21st September 2018 at 12:30pm prompt. Hence it will now be known as Brunch Session, to enable working parents attend while on break. Please ensure you are on time so we can move on with other activities in school.


  • Uniforms: it is our obligation to give out uniforms after payments are made, so it is prohibited for kids to come in with wrong uniforms. The uniforms are to be worn in this order.
  • Mondays and Thursdays: Blue shirt/blouse on Navy blue shorts/ pinafore/ skirt/ trousers
  • Tuesdays: Yellow shirt/blouse on Navy blue shorts/pinafore/skirt/trousers.
  • Wednesdays: Red Tshirt on Navy blue shorts/pinafore/skirt/trousers.
  • Fridays: (sport wear) white Tshirt on the sports shorts.

Please note that the kids are to put on black shoes on white socks from Monday – Thursday, and comfortable canvas/sneakers on white socks on Friday. We appreciate strict adherence to this as any child found wanting will be sent home or out of the classroom and made to sit and wait for his/her parents at the reception.

  • Birthday Celebrations: Kids have different birthdays and for us as a school, we permit minimal celebration every Thursday from 11:00am – 11:30am to allow them continue with their lessons/school activities. Kids can come in dressed in comfortable party wear and a book presented to the school on their birthday. Parents are advised to give a pre-information if they intend to mark it in school.


  • Mode of Communication: in line with our policies on Going Green, all forms of communication: newsletter, results, notification of meetings etc, will be sent via e-mails. Kindly furnish the school office with current/working e-mail address. As regards concerns about your kids welfare, the school e-mail address is and the school line 08171382163 and also the communication diary/daily report booklet. This is to reduce a one-on-one interaction with the homeroom teacher as they are usually busy after the kids are gone each day.



  • Homework/Accolades: to reinforce teaching and get parents involved with the children’s learning, homeworks are sent daily. Please go through but not necessarily helping them do it. Our accolades is a way of encouraging excellent pupils and hardwork. This comes up every Thanksgiving term, taking all scores (homework, continuous assessment and End of term assessment) into cognizance. Please encourage and guide them appropriately. Accolade Assembly date will be communicated soon.


  • Update on Keystage 2 (Year 6)

The school had almost lost priority access to the English National Curriculum and the benefits from the range of products and services that Standards and Testing Agency (STA) offers to support our delivering the English National Curriculum.

As a school, we have also noticed the untold strain, stress and pressure on our kids of barely 9-10 years in trying to get them to meet up/cover up the curriculum for Year 6.

This is rather unhealthy for them as they struggle instead to maintain a smooth transition in their academic progress as well as psychological growth.

To this end, the school will no longer graduate kids out into colleges at Year 5. Every child here will complete the standard and required Year 6 to be able to do Year 7 at ease as they get into college.

Graduation ceremony will now hold for children after their Year 6 class after an in-house “Night before graduation” ceremony.




  • Drop-off/Pick-Up time: Classes for us commence at 8:00am each day. Kids should be dropped off and given ample time to settle in before lessons.

Consequently, pick up time for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is 1:30pm and Key Stage Classes (Year 1-6) is 2:30pm. Late pick – up attracts a fee of N 1,000 which increases every half hour by N500.

Subsequent information will be communicated in due course.


The rains are pouring more, it would be nice to get rain boots and Rain coats to make their school shoes last longer and get them warm into school each day.


Wishing us all a beautiful and fulfilling Thanksgiving Term.

We once again thank and welcome everyone on board.


Ms. Mary

Director of Studies

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