Commencement of the meeting: The meeting commenced by 12:30pm with an opening prayer by Mrs. Patricia Ohaeri.

The School Council Members were introduced and the chairman Barr. Agogo introduced the motto of the School Administration which is “For the good of the kids” and it was accepted by the School Council.


Reading /Correction/ Adoption of Minutes:

Minutes was read by Mrs. Fola, corrections were made and a motion for adoption was moved by Mr. Francis Ekpo which was seconded by Mrs. Eka.

Matters Arising/A.O.B:

Barr. Agogo(Chairman) did a brief introduction by stating the purpose of the meeting which was for the sake of the kids, to understand ourselves and what was expected of everyone.

  • ISSUES ON CHILDREN’S ATTITUDE: A concern was raised on how parents’ react to the teachers of the school, parents were advised to handle issues in a calm manner instead of presenting it as a fight.

Mrs. Uzo read a brief write up on some instances on how kids/parents reacts to some issues.

An instance was raised where a parent harassed a teacher based on what the child reported without hearing from the teacher and even threatening to shoot the teacher.


  • CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION/ COMPLAINTS: All communications between Parents and teachers should be done via the Communication book or the school admin should be contacted.

Other information should be written on a paper with the parent’s name and contact details inclusive and dropped in the box called “Lets Talk About It” at the reception which will be reviewed daily.



Mrs. Ebokpo suggested that any parent that goes against the rule should be made to face the consequences of his/her action.

Mrs. Eka thanked Mrs. Ebokpo for her suggestion and went further to appeal to parents that they should see child upbringing between them (parents) and the school as a joint effort and that they (School) need all the support from Parents.

Mr. Kufre Uwa advised that a committee should be set up to handle sanctions/Discipline among parents/pupils of the school where parents will also be part of it.

Mr. Bassey Etim said if a parent is part of the disciplinary committee that they’ll be biased in their judgement, rather the school should handle the sanction and parent should give their support.

Mrs. Ofonime advised parents to raise their kids well else they will influence other kids since kids tend to learn by emulating others.

The council concluded that the school should handle all sanctions since a vote of confidence was passed by council on the school Management team.



Mr. Stephen Albert advised that parents should always hold  their kids when picking them up after school to avoid them running into the road or getting themselves hurt. They were also advised to keep their sick child(ren) at home to ensure other kids do not contact the ailment. He also raised his concern on the volume of home work sent home by the school but some other parents countered by saying that the homework rather keeps the kids settled for the duration of the activity.


  • A parent complained that she did not see her kid’s picture in the year book and that the quality was poor, Mrs Nkechi apologized on the quality of the year book and said it was the printer’s fault


  • Open day to hold on 24th October, 2018 and kids from key stage 1 to 5 are to be with their parents to hear what their teachers have to say
  • Midterm break commences on Thursday 25th October, 2018
  • Deworming of kids will take pklace on 6th November, 2018

Meeting was closed by 2.00pm with a motion raised by Mr Stephen Albert which was seconded by Miss Blessing and a closing Prayer by Mrs Uzo

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