The much awaited maiden edition of our interhouse sport competition has finally come and gone.

The success of the event could not have been possible without our esteemed parents, friends and sponsors. The thrills from the participating houses are still on the lips of everyone, as we are sure everyone had a fun-filled day.

Jacinth (Red) House clinched the top prize for the day, followed by Jasper (Yellow) House and Rubellite (purple) House. That is, 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

Sapphire (Blue) House came fourth (4th) while Jade(House) took the fifth position. In fulfillment of our theme of “One Sport, One Spirit“, we agree that the staff and pupils gave their very best.

Let us look forward to an ever more captivating event come next year.

See you, there!

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    It was indeed a memorable day with mindblowing activities. Congrats to all winning houses.

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