Curtain Falls on Lent Term 2018/2019 Academic Session.

Dear Parents,

We cannot thank God enough for the successful completion of the Lent Term 2018/2019 Academic session amidst the tension/frenzy over the just concluded elections. Our learning and co-curricular activities all went on as planned that we had ample time for the inter-house sport rehearsals. It is the second term of this Academic year and we know that some kids are working above their expected group/year levels, while some may still be struggling at their expected levels. Let us continue to support and encourage their little achievements as kids’ progress at different paces.

So much progress has been made by our Crèche babies, as they have begun to listen to instructions, show responsibility to their belongings and respond during story/circle time. They have also learnt better peer interaction/relationship.

This term was filled with fun-learning for the Barney kids as they were introduced to pre-writing, using formations. Don’t worry much about the ‘griffonage’ (scribblings) as you will be amazed at the eventual outcome. Do well to give them more colouring activities over the break to further enhance their pencil grip.

A continuation of the blends which leads to reading of short meaningful words kept our Dexter kids busy this term amongst other interesting concepts in Theme and Pre-maths. A little support and guide during this break, won’t be out of place.

We were proud to see our Reception Mickey kids going hands on with mixing of materials and identifying their origin and properties. This ignites their inquisitiveness, so get ready for intriguing question and answer sessions. Remember; don’t hush them!

Generally, in the Keystage, the kids have now moved from being fed with milk to chewing bones in their different learning subjects. More progress will be seen as the session elapses.

Inter-house sport:

Our second inter-house sport competition was a huge success and we know we couldn’t have achieved this feat without your unreserved support both in kind and cash.

  • We wish to specially appreciate the sports committee led by Mr. Manaseh Oguru for their time and prompt response all through the preparation period.
  • Our esteemed 2019 inter-house sport Chairman, Hon. Linus Bassey Etim for the generous donation and for spending the whole day spurring up and adorning the athletes
  • All our parents for their support at ensuring the various houses achieved their set goals and for taking out time to share the day with us. We hope you all had an amazing time. Please share ways we can improve on it next session.
  • To our bankers, Unity Bank Plc and Zenith Bank Plc, words are not enough to describe our excitement over your gifts. You are indeed great and worthy partners.
  • Nestle Foods Plc, brought in by our very own Mr. Abe surprised us with countless gifts for the kids. Thank you so much as the kids were all refreshed by their milo drinks.

Thank you once again to everyone. Let us do this again next session making it bigger and better! We wish to say that despite our early preparations, we still had a little set-back, as some kids’ sportswear were not issued as and when due. This was as a result of late delivery/logistics issues on the part of our producers in Lagos. We sincerely regret any inconveniences and discomfort this might have caused you and your kid(s). Please accept our sincere apologies.

The kids are to continue with their regular Friday uniform –  white T-shirt on navy blue shorts on Fridays or the previous inter-house sport wear, while this current one should be kept safe for the next inter-house sport event as the kids will retain their current houses.

Some parents felt slighted that their kids were not called upon to participate during the event. This was not intentionally done to sideline any kid as the houses were all on a winning mission. We hope you understand.

Thumbs up to Sapphire House (Blue) for clutching almost all the trophies. You sure put your best foot forward. Kudos to Jade House (Green) – second place, Jacinth House (Red) – third place and Jasper House (yellow) – fourth place.

You all did a good job, even with the limited time and available resources.

End – of – Term Assessment for kids in Reception Mickey – Year 5 had commenced and will be wrapped up on Friday 5th April, 2019 which happens to be their last day in school for this term. Parents are expected to come in on Thursday, 11th April 2019 from 10:00am for the collection of their child(ren)’s scripts and next term’s fees teller which will now be paid into our UNITY BANK & ZENITH BANK accounts.

Handwriting is gaining global recognition and as a school we will not be left behind. Our kids made us proud, all the ways from the Zonal and State levels of the 2019 Handwriting contest up to the national level in Lagos, with our very own Advika Manya Rao a Year two (2) pupil clinching 2nd position. Continue to encourage them as they work on perfecting their cursive.

Finally, the school will be shutting down for the Easter Break on Tuesday 16th April, 2019. Our lines will still be available for inquires and queries.

Kids are to resume on the 29th of April, 2019 for the Trinity term. We expect to see all our kids resume on the above date as classes will commence immediately.

Stay safe and do have an awesome Easter Celebration.

Nkechi Emil-Inyang

Head of School

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