Briefs from Lent term

Dear Parents,

We are halfway through the Lent Term, we are thankful and appreciate all your support with the children.

Mid-Term Report:

The mid-term reports will be in your inbox by Thursday, 22nd February 2018 and while this report is a good way for us to communicate your child’s development and understanding related to our curriculum here, remember that this is somewhat limited.

This report does not communicate how much we care about your child’s well being or how much we believe in your child’s potential.

There is nowhere for us to share how many times they make us smile and laugh, or how many times they make us grateful to be there when they have a “light bulb moment” or make a personal connection to a key learning concept.

It is easy to share their development in the learning skills but not easy to include their social-emotional development in their reports.

Be rest assured that we understand that while Academic development is a very important component of your child’s growth, so is their development of social emotional skills which includes cultivating mental wellness, self-confidence, self-efficacy, resilience and a growth mindset; a belief that one can always improve and grow, no matter what the subject matter or situation is.

So please parents, while you digest their scripts and discuss their reports, do spend some time talking with them about their amazing success this half term while also helping them understand ways in which they can improve and grow.

Do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher or myself, so we can clarify anything that you do not understand and if you have ideas that will help us better to support your child, please do let us know.

Measles Immunization:

The state primary health care is providing measles vaccination to children from 9months to 59months (under five years) .

Parents and Guardians are advised to take their children between 1st March, 2018 – 6th March, 2018 to the nearest health centre to have them vaccinated, the service is free and safe for every child.



Outdoor Recreation:

As we resume, we will be spending a Friday at the stadium to catch up on outdoor sport. Children will be dropped off in the morning at the stadium at 8:00 am and picked up from the stadium by 1pm. The date will be communicated ahead of time.

Do have a wonderful midterm break and let them catch up on all the lost sleep, read up something interesting and we will be seeing everyone again on Monday morning 26th February, 2018 at 7:30am.

See you all soon.




Nkechi Emil-Inyang

Head  of School

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