Bienvenue! It’s 2018/2019 Lent Term Academic session.

Our Dear Parents,

We hope you had a blissful Christmas and a Joyous New Year Celebration. We are delightful for the New Year and hoping for a great Lent term as usual.

We will be having our full learning weeks as against the usual short weeks which we experience due to the Easter period, so all out – of – the – class learning activities as well as individual class presentations will be coming up in the course of the term. Please get involved and support the kids in your usual way.


Accolades: The accolades for 2017/2018 academic year will be taking place on Friday the 25th of January, 2019 at 10:00am in the school hall. Parents/guardians are invited to come cheer up, encourage and motivate the kids. It is usually an emotional time for both recipients and non recipients. Please do not miss out!


Fees: We continue to appreciate parents for their commitment to their children(s) education. We wish in the same vein, to encourage all fees being paid in full before the 5th week to allow continued stay and non disruption of the kids’ studies. The 6th week is the half term assessment and parents owing fees will be disrupting their kids half term assessment tests as they will not be allowed into school.


Inter House Sporting Competition: The School’s Inter house sporting competition will be holding annually every Lent Term henceforth that is why there was a slight addition on fees this term. This is for all sport wear, costumes and all contingencies for the annual sporting event. This comes up in the 11th week of school. The date is 22nd March 2019. We will brief you further in due course.


Uniforms: The school insist that appropriate uniforms be worn on all School days. To avoid being sent back home, kindly adhere to the uniform colour for each day. Since kids will be coming back to school on Wednesday, 9th January 2019. They are all expected to be on their red tees and blue shorts, trousers, pinafore or skirts on proper white stockings and black shoes.



On a sad note but with all thanks to God for letting us have her briefly, we sent Ms. Fola forth as the Trinity Term ended. She relocated with her family to the South West but will still offer services to us. So, she is still in our establishment but God in his infinite wisdom sent Ms. Nkeiru back to us to take Ms. Fola’s class on a permanent basis.

We thank God for his grace and provision even when we least expected it. Ms. Nkeiru will be reading Ms. Fola’s letter to the kids she left behind on resumption.

We wish every staff and pupil a worthy learning term and our parents a prosperous new year. See you all tomorrow Wednesday, 9th January 2019 as school resumes.


Mary Ibia

Director of Studies



To all Year 4 parents, we felt you needed to see the letter Ms. Fola left behind to be read to her kids on resumption.


Let me take a guess, you guys are in and you are wondering “Where is Ms. Fola”? Why didn’t she say a word to us?

I can see tears rolling down some cheeks right now, some heads bowed, some faces frowned, while some are just perplexed and with mixed feelings.

It’s true guys, Ms. Fola relocated during the Christmas holiday. Believe me when I say, I wish to still be with you all.

Like a family, we start each day, the greetings and hugging, the gists and chats about our different families. We learned and played, laughed and cried, got praised and scolded, we wrote and read, it was indeed a big happy family.

My tears are rolling also, as I view a new life without you guys, there’s no one to make me laugh out loud again like Teslim and Akorekpin, who is going to dance my waist with me as we learn bones and names in science. Nathan and Jeffrey were always eager to dance this and it gladdens my heart to see us learn and play at the same time.

This is to all the best behaved pupils in Year 4 Amethyst, I love your attitude and sense of responsibility, the likes of Ama, Charissa, Esther Frank and Amirah your attitude is a blessing to your parents. Love you guys.

To my class co-ordinators, thanks for your countless efforts to make the class orderly and peaceful. I refer to the likes of Nathan, Jeffrey, Sylvia, Esther Frank.

Benedict and Rinene, being the poet of my class, pleas do not stop trying hard to keep writing and aim to be a known author.

This is specially to my homework defaulters, I know you’ve promised me to change, but please do not forget that homeworks are essential part of learning, as they give you an edge ahead of others in class.

Teslim, Akorekpin, Michael and Evalsam, I know you guys are making efforts to be outstanding, don’t give up till you get it right! Remember the days you tried and scored higher marks, it happened because you were determined to try again.

Always remember this, “Readers are leaders”, “quitters never win.” Never quit, keep trying harder. I love you guys.

Charissa should please continue to draw amazingly, your artwork is great and will definitely be exhibited in the future.

Dear Elohor, I know you’re very smart and intelligent but to be a total child, you need to be careful with your plays. You can be the school’s head girl if only you’re able to be less chatty and to channel your energy to be more productive. Remember Ms. Enobong is right next to you and will definitely keep her eyes on you, so be on your best behaviour. However, I’ll miss your sweet ways of talking to me.

To all my chosen prefects, be aware that it is a status of responsibility and only the responsible can survive the tasks and positions. For any irresponsible act from you guys, your positions will be given out to others who are ready to perform and deliver excellently. I am very proud of you.

Ama, never stop being truthful, because your integrity lies here, Blessing please be more responsible and stop being laid back.

To my best cursive writer, Edidiong, I love your writing and wish you’ll make it more beautiful. You’re also a lively and active child. Keep shining brighter.

My love for you all knows no bound, it’s overflowing. Keep making me proud I hope to hear your name ring bells in the nearest future, then I will beat my chest and say “Yes I taught him/her at one point.”

I will always be your teacher.


Ms. Fola



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