It was such a moment to behold, a beautiful scene to regard and a prestigious hour to dreamily embrace. The school had an amazing time and a memorable day celebrating her maiden accolades assembly.

Watching the qualified pupils from each class ascend the dais to be acclaimed “champions of the session” thrilled the assembly of pupils, parents and teachers who witnessed the event. The assembly was truly moved to joyous tears as the winning pupils were decorated accordingly.

The occasion  relieved tears of joy from the cheeks of the successful pupils and an unending joy to the parents who have been parentally involved in the upbring of their wards all through the session.

The management uses this medium to applaud all champions of the session and our heroic parents who made this happen with their timeless and countless effort in ensuring a total child.

This festivity would not be intact without the acknowledgement of our tireless tutors and brainstormers who continuously shed light to our dreamy path. Great job guys!

Salute once again to all kids who made it. To those still aspiring for this acclaim, we say don’t give up, cos quitters are never winners. You can do it too, believe, workhard and watch your name recieves the prestige.



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